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Void Acoustics, arguably the pinnacle of Audio design concepts have redesigned their the website- http://www.voidaudio.com/

Void Acoustics relaunch website

Void Acoustics relaunch website

The last ten years have seen Void mature into a world leader in Sound Systems, from the Mycro range of fairly conventional install cabs to the sublime Incubus system which is probably not only the loudest system on the planet (non military) but also the most bizarre if not scary looking, Capable of 149 db peak the Incubus system is designed primarily for the club install market, and will oust the current leader from their podium without a doubt. Check out the specs etc here http://www.voidaudio.com/products/installation/incubus/incubus-air-array.html

Other systems such as the Basys portable medium venue system, and the Air and Axsys systems also feature, all of which pack the latest in Neo Drivers, 18mm Birch Ply along with aesthetics unseen before in our industry.

We wish Roger, Alex and their team all the best, keep up the wonderful work Guys, UK Industry, pay attention!